Full Service IT Solutions

Genteks Full Managed IT Services  Solutions provide clients with a one-stop partner with your entire IT infrastructure, commercial and residential grade.

Local IT Services Las Vegas, a family-owned and operated business, serving Las Vegas. With 11 years of expertise, to assist your company professionally and removes cumbersome and risky proposition and encourages the integrity and ethics.

Commercial IT

Technology Success Partner’s commercial IT services to supplement your business IT needs with commercial grade and unique plans and multitude services to choose from working the utmost business efficiency and with the hands-on Genteks professional team aim to increase productivity and workflow to help your business successful.

Commercial IT Services -genteks

Residential IT

Professional IT team keeping your devices connected & running at home. Genteks offer several products and plans that are designed for the active home technology of multiple types of  environments running seamlessly and securely in your home. 


A commercial grade backup, providing commercial strength encryption to keep your data safe and backup getting backed up for you to be at ease 100%  with monitoring and updating system to keep everything running.

Genteks - Antivirus


Making sure that you’re protected from the virus with our commercial-grade NV Anti-Virus for every covered endpoint, with lightweight solutions that put little to no strain on your computer.

Phone Services

A dedicated Voice Over IP (VoIP) service that is great for both business and home. A system with a call queue that allows the caller to be on a hold that allows one call in at a time so your staff doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

phone services - genteks