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Get peace of mind by relying on the managed phone services and support offered by an industry leader. We provide VOIP (Voice Over IP) services. We are able to provide you with new phones and services through our partners. Most phone bills you pay now are why more than a VOIP phone systems.

Communicate At anytime From Anywhere!

Here, at Genteks IT Solutions you’ll get active help to guarantee smooth and flexible phone services and support with an automated system to direct your calls to the correct department.

Benefits of having VoIP Services

We provide a cloud-based phone system for residential, and small-medium businesses. Our phone systems have the flexibility to answer your office phone everywhere with mobile-computer applications. And high call volume? No worries, with the long queue with the system that allows the caller to be on hold, your staff has to answer one at time.


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HD Audio

Crisp Clear audio on every call. 

Mobile applications - Genteks

Mobile / Computer Applications

Have the flexibility to answer your office phone from anywhere. 

Call Que Phone Support - Genteks

Call Que

Have a High Call Volume? Call que is a holding system that allows the caller to be on a hold that allows one call in at a time so your staff doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

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Virtual Assistant

Want to have a automated system to direct calls to the correct department.

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All Standard Phone Functions

Our service includes everything a standard phone system has.


We are not afraid to share our pricing unlike the other companies.