Genteks Commercial IT Service 

Provides commercial-grade solutions for small to large businesses. We look at the picture and develop a solution that works for you and your business. Ensures your vital data and applications are accessible every time needed. And seamless layout results from reactive or proactive services.

With Commercial IT Services as a Technology Success Partner, you will experience:

· Faster scale resolutions lead to more productivity
· Proactive and reactive maintenance
· Simple and Complex Plan that suits your IT needs
· Security Preventions
· Backup data are being backup
Faster Scale Resolutions
Never suffer! Don’t let the downtime suffer your productivity.
With Genteks updated services. Commercial-grade and innovative developing solutions for small to large businesses. We are keeping you with the technologies through generations.
Proactive and Reactive Commercial IT Support and Maintenance
Our commercial IT services deliver flawless experiences toward the company’s technology and system. With the support and resources to ensure commercial-grade expertise.
Commercial IT Service and Support solutions range from break-fix guarantees and monitoring tools to remote-managed and fully-managed solutions.
Security Preventions
As technology innovates, so as cyber threats!
Losing data is the last thing we want in our business technology and ruins reputations. Genteks Commercial IT has the tools needed to deliver security now and in the future. We offer the most compatible vendors of antivirus, anti-malware, firewalls, and active support.
Data Backup Services
Where your most crucial data secure?
Here, at Genteks we always put ourselves in your hands, being jeopardized and stops in the middle of business? It’s a big “NO,” the last thing we need on our business production. It makes your productivity consumed – is a big negative impact on business growth.
First, we took the initiative in server backups getting backed up. Ensures won’t compromise your productivity. See Genteks professional for more services offered to make your business run seamless.
And lets you focus on your business!


Home Offices

We offer a multitude of items and services from Phones, Monitoring, Anti-Virus. We will be able to come in and become familiar with your equipment and provide you a solution or even just hourly work. We are able to accommodate even the little guys. 

Small Businesses

Running a small company? We have plans for you as well. We are able to grow with your business and provide solutions that adapt to your budget and needs. We aim to increase productivity and workflow to help you become successful.

Mid-Large Size Business

We have a entire team behind us able to be comfortable with your equipment and be your IT army at the ready. We are able to scale as fast or as little as you do. We document everything and make sure our entire team is ready for you. We know downtime cost the company money and we are ready to be there for you when you need us most. 


We are not afraid to share our pricing unlike the other companies.