The Dangers of Not Having IT Security Fundamentals in Place 

Protect your organization in every part of a business; a security breach is one factor that can give a big negative impact that will affect your daily operations. 

We provide commercial grade anti-virus. The difference from our Anti-virus and everyone else is we call you when there is a virus. We make sure there is a more proactive approach instead of reactive.  

We take a comprehensive approach to your business online protection. We help our clients address multiple threats to their IT resources with a simple and straightforward Managed IT Security Plan 


backup services las vegas - genteks


GenTeks monitors your Antivirus. If there is a virus we call you. 

backup services - genteks


Our solution is lightweight and puts little to no strain on you computer. 

Business backup - genteks


Our solution is commercial grade. We provide commercial strength scanning and removal of viruses. 

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Our software will update multiple times a day ensuring it has the most up to date definitions.

Automatic Scanning

Scanning is all handled by us at GenTeks. We ensure your computer scans multiple times a day. 


We are not afraid to share our pricing unlike our other companies.